Best Vinyl and Aluminum Siding in Toronto

Whether you want the best-looking vinyl siding in Toronto has to offer or the most durable aluminum siding Toronto has to offer, Rama Siding & Aluminum has you covered. For 25 years, the father and son team that run Rama Siding have been providing Toronto and greater GTA.

Toronto homeowners face unique climate challenges to protect their homes, keep them warm and dry, and make them look good for years to come. At Rama Siding, we have created the perfect siding plan for hundreds of our customers to help them meet their individual siding needs.

Our professional siding experts will come out to your home, measure, and consult with you on whether vinyl or aluminum siding would work best for you and your family. We will then give you a free estimate so you know exactly what the job will cost.

And, that person who comes to your home for the measurements, will be the same person who installs your vinyl or aluminum siding. We never hire other companies to do our jobs for us. That is why we stand by all our projects with a lifetime guarantee.

Contact us today to find out more about how your home can benefit from new vinyl or aluminum siding.

Vinyl Siding / Aluminum Siding

Vinyl Siding Toronto

Vinyl siding is an exterior cladding made of engineered plastic that weatherproofs and enhances the look of your home. Today, twice as many Canadian homeowners use vinyl siding as compared to any other material. Vinyl siding comes in a wide range of colors and trims to match the design and aesthetics of your home.

Rama Siding offers the best vinyl siding in the industry that is low maintenance, fade-resistant and has exceptional durability even in harsh weather conditions. Contact our experts today on 416-270-4420 for your next vinyl siding project.

Aluminum Siding Toronto

Aluminum siding is sometimes preferred over vinyl siding as it is sturdy and less likely to crack become brittle during severe cold snaps. It can also be repainted unlike vinyl siding and is relatively lighter plus easy to install. Since aluminum is recyclable, aluminum siding is more eco-friendly than Vinyl and fire and insect-proof.

Rama Siding provides high-grade aluminum siding in Toronto that stands the test of time and offers excellent protection against moisture problems.

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Toronto

Shake siding

Shake siding adds texture and a rustic dimension to your siding, giving a feel of a coastal New England home. Vinyl cedar shake siding, split shake siding is made from scores of distinct cedar molds that give it a unique deep texture with random grains.

At Rama Siding, we provide installation of various types of siding using a variety of materials and building products to enhance and protect the beauty of your home exterior. Call us today for all your siding installation needs!

Shake Siding

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